Data Visualization is a study that involves representing data in a certain, visually appealing manner. Data can be presented in extremely creative and intellectual ways. There are a variety of different ways of visualizing data, the most basic being histograms, pie charts and bar graphs.
Bar Graph
Pie Chart
Below are a few examples of
data visualization.
Authorship & Interaction
37 Min Bus Ride, a project by Rayz Ong, is based on the total number of human traffic for a duration of 37 minutes in a bus in Singapore. The different colours in the graph represent particular elements of each of the passengers that board the bus.
Population of the Dead is another infograph that depicts the world population and the number of deaths due to certain causes such as war and plague.
This is an interactive visualizations created by the Eigenfactor Project (data analysis)
and Moritz Stefaner (visualization). It is based on the Eigenfactorâ„¢ Metrics and hierarchical clustering to explore emerging patterns in citation networks.