Authorship & Interaction
Data Visualization Workshop
Our assignment for data visualization included gathering data on how much electricity we use in the span of 24 hours. My team comprised of
- Ashley
- Lydia
- Chris
- Mat
- Pooja
- Leanne
- Mallika
The outcome of our data was to be visualized using coloured threads.
The Data Collected:
Above is a simple graph that depicts the usage of electricity in my bedroom.
The final idea for the workshop is visually quite similar to the graph above. However each of the members in the group recorded the time each of their laptop and mobile chargers were turned on, and then off. Delegating a specific colour for each of us we them came up with an outcome, pictured below.
Below is an image showing the key, where each person had been assigned a colour
This is basically what we tried to portray, the amount of energy used at the time of day