Authorship & Interaction
Final Cut Pro Workshop
This little window shows the user how he is editting the video.This called the canvas of Final Cut Pro
Final Cut Pro is a non-linear video editing software developed by Macromedia Inc. and then Apple Inc. It is a vast software that allows users to do almost anything in editting. It also offers the chance to control the format of videos and deal with a number of different videos and audios on the timeline. On the right is a screenshot of the entire window once the program is started.
The tool bar provides options that aid the editting videos such as the razor blade tool with which a user can literally cut videos at certain points and seperate where required.
A user can also control how smoothly he wants one video to blend into the other using video transitions. There are several options available.
Below is a timeline where all the editting work takes place, such as using the tools, choosing where you want to add video transitions and such. Here the user can also decide what specific time a particular video or audio should begin. If a user right clicks near the V1 and A1 etc, he can create a new timeline for another video or audio by choosing add track.
The user also has the opportunity to do add video filters that make videos more interesting visually
This section in Final Cut pro is where imported videos, images and audio can be kept in a library like manner.It is the browser of Final Cut Pro. Once a user imports a video,audio or image he can access it for an unlimited number of times.
This is the viewer in Final Cut Pro. Here the user not only views his editting but also edit the video in terms of proportion, cropping etc. The image on the right depicts the different options available in motion on the video.
The workshop we had was in relation to Collaboration Filmmaking. We began with taking images and videos from the University. We then editted the components to create a movie. This movie was then given to another group that further editted it, thus creating a collaboration between the two groups.